A tiny dream come true.


(Image via TeenyTinyHomes)

I’ve taken a short hiatus from both blogging and home renovating due to an unforeseen change in plans. The original plan was to renovate the existing house on the property I purchased, but the amount that needed to be fixed exceeded the amount of work and money my fiance and I wanted to invest.

We both began considering an alternative when we discovered that the money needed for renovating was equal to the money needed to have someone build us a tiny home. With this alternative we get something that is both brand new, easy to maintain due to its small footprint, and this has been a dream of ours for years!

The search for the type of tiny home we wanted- on wheels, on a foundation, and who would build it for us if we wanted it on a foundation (we are out in the middle of nowhere) was thoroughly taxing, but none of that matters anymore because the builder I did finally find is starting on MONDAY, as in, tomorrow! We settled on building a home on a foundation rather than one on wheels for a few reasons; the width of the home doesn’t have to be restricted to 8 feet, we would have had to have a foundation of some sort built to support the home on wheels too, and the nearest tiny home builder is  so far away that we would have had to deal with transportation.

I will save the design as a surprise and I’ll be updating the blog very soon with pictures!



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