They are just things.


I am currently packing all of my ‘absolute’ necessities (by my standards) for my big move to Canada. Everything I don’t need, which, not surprisingly, are things I don’t use on a daily basis, are being thrown out, sold, or given away. I oddly feel like if anyone in my apartment complex was watching me close enough they would think I was…um.. blowing out the candle? Funny that the reality couldn’t be more opposite. I’m disposing or purging, rather, everything I feel that is weighing me down. I want a clean slate. I’ve become the anti-hoarder. Recently I’ve wondered, “Will you accumulate this much stuff once you’re in your new home?” I think the answer is no.

Of all the junk we as humans accumulate I find it incredibly odd that one of my acquaintances was surprised that I was bringing my two cats. She even went as far as to say, “I could find them good homes.” At the moment I was dumbfounded, how could she think I would get rid of my pets? I managed to form the words, “No that’s okay… I’ve had them for a long time, they’re coming with me.” Thinking back standing in her duplex surrounded by a ton (no exaggeration) of stuff I now think of the irony. People place so much value on material possessions, their ‘things’ and wonder why they feel unfulfilled.

I’ve grown to value quality, moments, experience, people, my surroundings, time.


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